Donald Trump’s options on North Korea going from bad to worse

Washington: Sanctions against North Korea have been tried and failed. Serious negotiations appear to be a flow of pipelines. And any military strike would almost certainly cause massive devastation and horrific civilian casualties. The options of the Trump administration go from bad to worse when Kim Jong-un’s military marches approach more and more the possibility of attacking the American continent with nuclear weapons. Just as US President Donald Trump seeks to demonstrate his global determination after the most powerful nuclear test in the North, his influence is still limited by the new tensions he fueled with South Korea, as well as continued opposition from China and Russia. Trump took the unusual step of highlighting the disagreements between the United States and its conventional ally, including the possibility of withdrawing from a trade agreement with South Korea to protest against trade imbalances. He also suggested to Twitter that the two countries lacked unanimity in North Korea, criticizing South Korea’s new president, Moon Jae-in, who was more accommodating in the north than “the appanage” of his government.

This is an inconvenient time for complaints to be made and on Monday, the two leaders sought to demonstrate that they were confronted with North Korea together and strongly. The White House said during a phone call with Moon, Trump gave its approval “in principle” to lift restrictions on South Korean missile shipments and approve sales of “billions of balances” in Korea from South. US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley told the UN Security Council on Monday that the North Korean leader, where diplomats were called to the emergency session despite the Labor Day holidays in the USA . Haley called for exhaustion of “all diplomatic means to put an end to this crisis”. But for those who have tried and failed for more than a decade to solve it, there seem to be few of these means that have yet to be tried and judged again. What has changed is the sense of urgency and growing public opinion among national security analysts that it is time to abandon the “denuclearization” and accept North Korea in the club nuclear. The North said the test on Sunday, the sixth since 2006, was a hydrogen pump designed to be mounted on its new intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Due to the failure to allow Pyongyang weapons programs to progress, Trump’s options seem to vary from what was previously considered: the US military had for years a comprehensive set of contingency plans prepared for possible North Korean strikes to try to disrupt its nuclear program or discourage development. On Sunday, Trump sent defense secretary Jim Mattis to warn of a “massive military response if the North continues to threaten the United States,” while Trump has hinted a call to the Japanese leader that he could even deploying its own nuclear arsenal, military options have always been considered impracticable because of the horror that would occur if North Korea reacted – as might be expected – by striking South Korea. The Nordcoreans have massive military assets stored on the most fortified border in the world. The United States has about 28,000 troops in South Korea, and there are hundreds of thousands of US citizens in Seoul, the capital, with a population of 25 million in the metropolitan area. General Joseph Dunford, president of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that if the war broke out, there would be heavy civilian casualties in the first few days before the US could undermine North Korea’s ability to attack Seoul.

Trump said on Twitter that the United States was considering stopping any trade with a country doing business with North Korea. It would be a dramatic escalation of the long-standing US strategy of increasing economic pressure on North Korea by limiting its access to the funds needed for its armaments programs. But many countries do business with North Korea, especially with China. Reducing trade with China, not to mention the others, would devastate the US economy and would be incredibly difficult to impose. Countless American companies have closed or beat strong, eliminating jobs with them. At the end of trade, the United States has worked for years to express Pyongyang financially and encourage others to do the same, especially China.

‘Flying taxi’ start-up Lilium raises $90 million from Tencent, others

Frankfurt: Lilium, a German start-up with Silicon Valley’s ambitions to develop a five-passenger taxi, has secured a second round of financing of $ 90 million from top-performing technology investors. one of the up to date. The company has become one of the most popular companies in Europe, as it seeks to create a new category of aircraft capable of vertical take-off and electric jet. Lilium said Tuesday that the new funding, led by the Chinese Internet giant Tencent, also includes LGT, Liechtenstein’s largest family investment company in Europe; European Atomic risk company; and Obvious Ventures, whose co-founder, Evan Williams, is a co-founder of Twitter. Long science fiction and futuristic cartoons like The Jetsons, aviation leaders and technology are competing to develop new types of electric motors including Airbus, Uber and a number of new companies, including one supported by Google co-founder Larry Page, named Kitty Hawk.

Lilium said in April that it was developing a five-seat “taxi-taxi” after successfully piloting test flights of a large two-seater aircraft capable of hovering, such as drones, than conventional aircraft. Flying, allows aircraft to travel five or six times the distance of drones, said a member of Lilium’s management. “The concept goes far beyond what is generally seen in German companies,” said Remo Gerber, the former European general manager of the online taxi company Gett, who was appointed commercial director of Lilium the month latest. Lilium said it was considering using the new funds to expand hiring and move through the next stages of development of its five-seat jet, taking the time to comply with strict regulatory approvals.

The 70-employee company has roughly as many job offers as current staff and plans to rapidly increase the hiring of aeronautical engineers, physicists, computer scientists and electrical propulsion experts, said Gerber. Lilium, founded in 2015 by four graduates of the Munich Technical University, is on a test flight equipped with its five-seater aircraft by 2019 and will launch suburban taxi flights, subject to regulatory approvals, to a the next decade. be powered by 36 electric jet engines mounted on its wings via 12 movable flaps. With a range of 300 km and a cruising speed of 300 km per hour, Lilium will be the only electric aircraft capable of vertical take-off and jet flight. The combination of these two characteristics is what separates Lilium from rivals working with so-called flying cars or taxis that depend on aircraft or helicopters, such as the German rival Volocopter or the European aerospace giant Airbus.

Kitty Hawk, backed by Larry Page, is a fully electric personal aircraft that can be used on water without a pilot license, which Silicon Valley Company said in April, it plans to launch this year. Abobo aims to test a flying car in 2017 and explores a helicopter vehicle capable of carrying several passengers on the cities. The pulp harvest of Louis, a start-up south of Heidelberg, won the certification of a two-seater electric helicopter to perform flight tests in Germany. He plans to test autonomous air taxi flights in Dubai at the end of 2017. “Autonomous transportation will come faster in the air. There are fewer objects to navigate, requiring less complex sensors and software than compared to a car running in an area with pedestrians, “said Florian Reuter, CEO of Volocopter.

How ‘Hadiya case’ is testing the limits of civil rights of women in Kerala

Bengaluru: “Save me, they beat me,” said Hadiya, a 24-year-old woman from her parents’ home in the Kottayam district of Kerala on August 30, claiming six activists who brought her gifts but were stopped by they looked at the door. Rahul Easwar, another famous activist to support the causes of Hindutva, entered the house two weeks ago and made a video of his tour inside, Hadiya was heard asking his mother in a tone of pain : “Is this how I should live” Is this my life? “When does a marriage cease to be a marriage and become a communal affair? To what extent can the state intervene, on behalf of society in general, if someone chooses a partner of another religion? How much liberty can one study to be supposed to be converted into another faith?

Answers can be the key to understanding why there is a lot of vigilance and attention in the life of this homeopathic pupil born as Akhila Ashokan but converted to Islam in September 2015 and chose the name of ” Aasiya first and Hadiya later. his marriage in December last year to Shafin Jahan was overthrown by the High Court of Kerala on May 25, 2017, after his father, KM Ashokan, requested that his daughter be drawn to a dubious plan to send her to Syria to join terrorist costumes such as the Islamic state. On August 16, the Supreme Court asked the National Investigation Agency to investigate the case and file a report before making a final order. At present, Hadiya remains under severe confinement. Since August, when Ashokan moved to the Supreme Court in May 2017, she was placed in a shelter in a judicial detention, and then ordered to return home under police protection, both under court orders.

In the appeals to the court during this period, she claims to have been restricted against her wishes and prohibited from interacting with people, which angered rights activists. The facts of the case are much discussed. While Hadiya insists that she has chosen to become and to marry according to her own will, her family claims that she is the victim of a so-called love of Jihad, where Hindu women are seductive, married and converted by Muslim men. Such accusations are not new to Kerala. After much turmoil in a case where Muslim men were accused of abduction and conversion of a Hindu woman in 2009, the Kerala court asked police director-general Jacob Punnoose to investigate and submit a report. The report did not reveal any concrete evidence of such questionable activity. When the news report reappeared recently, current police chief Loknath Behra issued a statement on August 26 saying that “so far we have no data to confirm whether the so-called jihad of the” love prevails in Kerala “. The SC itself, while listening to the Hadiya case, refused to use the term, as it is still in the field of accusations.

Ironically, in the case of Hadiya, conversion is not strictly related to love. According to political analyst J. Prabhash, it is a classic case of the life of a person assumed by the greatest political currents of the time. It comes at a time when the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its ideological nationalist organization Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) are trying to build their own electoral niche in Kerala. According to a lawyer from one of the high court parties, who did not want to be named, RSS works closely with Ashokan to fight the case legally. They are also helped by recent media reports that about 20 young people from Kerala including women who have converted to Islam have disappeared and may have joined the Islamic state in Syria and Afghanistan and may have been killed.

Far-right Muslim teams are also in the game. Jahan is an active worker and headed the social media page of the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), the political arm of an Islamist group of extreme- right, the Popular Front of India. Hadiya’s father, Ashokan, says that Jahan married his daughter to give his conversion legal status. The marriage was also carried out without informing the high court when Hadiya was in pre-trial detention (the court allowed her to stay with her friend Zainaba and study in an Islamic institution “Sathya Sarani”). Hadiya sought the help of Zainaba and Sathya Sarani to publish an advertisement on an Islamic wedding site to get married) that the court saw as a “subterfuge”.

Mumbai: Foreigner found murdered in Nalasopara flat

MUMBAI: A foreign citizen was found murdered in an apartment in Nalaso on Saturday. The victim, believed to be African, was lying in the bathroom of his rented apartment in Hanuman Nagar, Nalasopara (west). The identity of the victim has not yet been established.

The neighbors informed the police after they found the nauseating smell that emanated from the apartment on Saturday. The Nalasopara police opened the apartment door and found the body in the bathroom.
The victim is suspected of being strangled to death. His legs were tied.
Police said the victim may have been killed five days ago.

The body was sent for an autopsy. The police searched his house but did not find documents that could reveal his identity. Neighbors said that a few men visited the victim’s home last week and used to be left alone.

The police summoned the owner of the apartment to obtain details about the deceased. A murder case was recorded against an unknown person. The building does not have CCTV cameras.

MP Panchayat Asks Woman to Beg, Dip in Ganga for Accidentally Killing Calf

Bhind (MP): An elderly woman was ordained by a panchayat caste here to beg seven days from her village and take a bath in the Ganga River as a penance for the “sin” of accidentally killing a calf.

Last Friday, the resident of Sriwas Nagar, Kamleshi Devi (60), was trying to remove the calf from a suckler cow, but the cord around his neck tightened, resulting in his death, said Guard Mukesh Garg.

The members of the back community of Sriwas, to whom Devi belongs, held a panchayat on the Sabbath which ordered him to beg his village for seven days in penance.

Garg said that the panchayat caste asked the woman, a widow, to bathe in the Ganga and serve as food for the girls. He said the order was “inhuman and illegal”. “At present, these dictates are not justified, the police must act,” said the guard. Devi fainted after learning the order and was hospitalized.

District Superintendent Dr. Ajit Mishra said the woman was being treated there. Devi’s son, Anil Sriwas, said his mother committed a “mistake” and that the panchayat caste followed only religion and customs.

When contacted, Superintendent of Police, Anil Singh Kushwaha, said no one had approached the police with a complaint. “I have known the incident through the media, we have not received any complaints in this regard,” he said.

When asked, district collector Ilayaraja T said he would study the matter.

Aid workers fear fallout from Israel visa suspension

Jerusalem: Israel has suspended the granting of work visas to new foreign aid workers arriving in the country, according to aid workers, in a move that could prevent aid to the Palestinians. Hundreds of aid workers from major international NGOs have been unable to obtain work visas or delays in Israel, the issue is procedural but has not been a permanent solution to this issue for more than a year. “This situation could increase in humanitarian operations paralyzed,” said a rescue officer.

Israeli officials firmly denied that the delay was intentional, and the Ministry of Social Affairs called such a suggestion “a false accusation”. Palestinians are heavily dependent on aid, and more than two-thirds of the besieged Gaza Strip depends on it. Since June, however, no new aid workers have been able to obtain a B1 work visa, the most common type for foreign foreign workers in the country. followed by similar suspensions from August to December 2016 and from March to April this year.

Dozens of aid workers have been affected so far, aid workers said, with a number of people trapped outside the country waiting for their visas. Others work illegally with tourist visas, but fear they will be expelled. waiting outside the country for months means that timely delivery will be affected, “the aid worker said. Another humanitarian worker who arrived in Israel in June said he waited two months to listen to the Ministry of Social Affairs in vain In August the humanitarian worker traveled outside Israel and on his return said that the authorities told her she had a month to resolve her situation or leave.

“They can not replace me, because any foreigner they bring will have the same problem,” he said under the condition of remaining anonymous. The head of charitable operations in the occupied West Bank is that he will arrive in the coming weeks, but he would face the same situation. Approximately 300 international NGO staff, including country leaders, require B1 visas approved each year, but they need a letter of recommendation from the Ministry of Social Affairs. Without these letters, the Ministry of the Interior will not issue the visa, but the Ministry of Social Affairs have declared that it is no longer their responsibility.

The Ministry of Social Affairs stated that the delays were due to “ongoing interministerial considerations regarding the procedure for approval of applications”. “We believe that the temporary delay will end soon, with minimal effect on the important work done by aid organizations and NGOs,” he said in a statement to AFP. Humanitarian workers, however, said the problem began more than a year ago and some voiced concerns, the Israeli government is trying to do its job. The Ministry of Social Affairs said that “totally and completely denied this false accusation”.

Israel has passed a law allowing the Ministry of Interior to ban the entry of supporters of a movement boycotting Israel over its occupation of the Palestinian territories. The high-level humanitarian worker suggested that the Ministry of Social Affairs be wary of giving letters of recommendation as it does not have the capacity to adequately examine individuals. Israeli officials have accused several aid workers of being biased towards the Palestinians and manipulated by the Hamas Islamist movement.

The head of international charity Gaza Vision World is being tried in Israel for supporting Hamas, which is considered a terrorist organization by Israel, the United States and the European Union. Rights groups also fear that their work will be restricted by the Israeli government, which is considered the most right-handed in the country’s history. In February, Israel rejected a visa for the Human Rights Watch official, accusing the group of being “fundamentally biased” towards the Palestinians.

Govt Auditorium Withdraws Permission for Mohan Bhagwat’s Event in Kolkata

Kolkata: The authorities of Mahajati Sadan – a major audience in Kolkata, led by the West Bengal government – refused permission to hold an event on 3 October, where the keynote speaker was Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) leader Mohan Bhagwat .

Although the auditorium agreed to organize the event in October and organizers, Sister Nivedita Mission Trust has taken prior authorization, renovation works of the authorities quoted to cancel the event. In addition to other delegates, Bengal Governor Keshari Nath Tripathi and Bhagwat was also expected to attend the event for a roundtable on the role of Sister Nivedita in the nationalist movement of India.

Rantideb Sengupta, General Secretary of Confidence, said: “Initially, they agreed to rent the auditorium and even paid the reservation, but later we were asked to bring a certificate of no objection from the police Kolkata, and we told them that we would be filing the required certificate within two days, but last Thursday they told me that there was renewal work going on and that PWD had asked them not to accept any reservations.

He said: “We are a non-political organization, but we sniffed the conspiracy behind this movement.” The subject of the event was the nationalist movement, so we invited Mohan Bhagwat Ji to speak.

However, the secretary of Mahajati Sadan, Nurul Huda has erased all charges. “There are other organizations that wanted to book the auditorium in October, but we refuse to mention the renovation work,” he said.

Huda added: “In addition to the Sister Nivedita Mission Trust reserve, we also canceled reservations for Antara Dance School, Agrahari Samaj and Seth Anandram Jaipuria College (affiliated with the University of Calcutta). created a tone and cried Why does Sister Nivedita Mission Trust think there is a conspiracy against them?

Regarding the type of renovation work required, Huda said the auditorium needs urgent repair work on stage, ceiling, sound system and air conditioning. He added: “We can not allow anyone to hold an event without doing this first. So many VVIPs will be there, who will take responsibility in case of misfortune.”

Jishnu Basu, secretary-general of RSS in South Bengal, said: “This is not the first time the Bengal government has tried to prevent Bhagwat Ji from going to an event.” Previously, the Kolkata police had refused permission for its demonstration, but the Supreme Court ruled against. We believe that the public has not deliberately granted us permission. “

Jamaat-ud-Dawa Leader Abdul Rehman Makki Threatens to Intensify ‘Jihad’ in Jammu & Kashmir

Lahore: Two days after the United States attacked the Pakistani government for giving “safe havens” to the terrorist teams, Jamaat-Ud-Dawa commander Abdul Rehman Makki pledged to step up “Jihad” against India in Jammu and Kashmir.

Makki was speaking at the “Shohda-e-Kashmir” conference at the Al-Daawa model school in Lahore. The event was to observe the “martyrdom” of militant Abu Waleed Mohammad, who was assassinated in Bandipora by the Indian security forces.

While examining JuD’s commitment to pursue cross-border terrorism, Makki hailed the spirit of Abu Waleed Mohammad and recalled the “sacrifices” made by other JuD activists who had fought “Jihad” in Kashmir.

Recently, US President Donald Trump warned Pakistan that it was providing “shelters for agents of chaos and terror”. “Pakistan has a lot to gain in partnership with our efforts in Afghanistan. It has a lot to lose by continuing to shelter terrorists.

A key pillar of our new strategy in Afghanistan is a move from a time-based approach to one based on conditions, “Trump said on August 22. Makki condemned Western movements to label the JuD executives in as terrorists and declare that the organization is dangerous for peace in the region “. Leader Jamaat also said that the fundamental purpose of JuD was to consolidate the liberation of Pakistan and Kashmir from the Hindu forces.

On Monday, the joint declaration at the BRICS summit in Xiamen was a big boost for India. Their efforts to highlight the terror from the neighborhood revealed a specific mention of the names of terrorist teams based in Pakistan in the joint statement.

Makki, however, accused the Indian government of persuading the international community to declare a terrorist Hafiz Saeed and bring him under house arrest.

Makki also did not save the Pakistani government and added that Pakistani leaders should learn to work for the supremacy of Islam, the liberation of Kashmir and to stop being friends with New Delhi.

The Hindus, he said, must remain under control. As for former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Makki said: “Allah has punished people to prevent others from following the path of jihad.”

Makki used the opportunity to confirm the formation of the Jamaat political team, League Muslim Milli (MML).

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WannaCry Ransomware Has Not Impacted ATMs in India, Say Experts

WannaCry Ransomware Has Not Impacted ATMs in India, Say Experts

ATMs in India are not susceptible to cyber attacks I want to cry, which spread through the Internet like gunpowder in recent days, unlike rumors circulating in social settings, according to security experts. The flood of misinformation about malware has generated rumors about WhatsApp, mainly in the form of messages returned by regurgitation.

ATMs in India closed WhatsApp messages
Attack ransomware … Total of 74 countries affected massive … Do not open any email with attachments with tasksche.exe. case file

Please inform all your contact list does not open a video called “The Dance of the Hillary”. This is a virus that forms the mobile device. Warning, this is very dangerous. It was announced on BBC Radio. Fwd this SMS to all you can!

Facebook and Whatsapp will be filled the next days with false warnings, like not opening the video “Hillary’s Dance”, etc. Without taking into account the biggest threat to FacePalm ransomware ~ ~

ATM will be close for the next 2-3 days, probably due to a cyber attack ransomware India. Make No Transactions Online Today

And this other WhatsApp ahead of expected global effects Wanna Cry ‘virus’:

Except in Africa, all countries IT organizations are pirates. Do not open any shopping cart today.

Make no transactions online today. Also avoid the use of ATMs, unless it is very urgent. Stay informed of the latest news updates …

You also have to have antivirus and do not use the banking sites n shopin or pay through the utility that takes the mobile phone today before the nythin …

Keep abreast of the latest updates news … You also need to have the virus activated and do not use the banking sites n shopin or pay the utility through the mobile support for today before nythin do ….